Steam power

steam iron

Does taking clothes to the dry cleaners get you down? Do you avoid it like the plague, leaving dry clean only garments festering for months until you actually need them again? There is an answer to your prayers.

Several washing machine manufacturers are now offering steam cleaning cycles which allow you to safely and effectively refresh fabrics which could otherwise only be dry-cleaned. This is a great money and time saving idea for when you simply can’t be bothered trekking to the dry cleaners. If, like me, you have seriously considered bunging your business suits into the washing machine (no matter what the consequences) this product is for you.

Plus, because the appliances use steam to clean, they are far more energy efficient washing machines than the usual appliance. Similarly, there are also several tumble dryers on the market with refresh functions. Hotpoint Aqualtis tumble dryers feature a Refresh Programme which airs and refreshes dry clothes. Electrolux tumble dryers come with the Iron Aid function which refreshes and de-odorises even “dry clean only” garments. Plus, the function saves you ironing your garments after the dry cycle as the steam removes wrinkles. Awesome!!

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