Dishwashers: to buy or not to buy?

How many reasons can you think of not to buy a dishwasher? Most “hand-washers” can come up with a few:

1. There aren’t enough people in the house to warrant a dishwasher.

2. I haven’t got the space for a dishwasher.

3. They waste water.

However, all is not necessarily as it seems in the world of dishwashing. Here’s why: These these points are common misconceptions because, used properly, a dishwasher will not only save you time and effort, but water and space in your kitchen.

A home of two adults may only use 2-3 place settings each per day so a 12 place setting machine would be far too large considering one wash per day is the recommended. However, there is always the option to invest in integrated slimline dishwashers or small dishwashers. Small dishwashers take around six place settings – perfect for the couple or small family. These tend to be called table top dishwashers but many models can also successfully be installed in kitchen cupboards to save on counter-top space.

Thus combating the argument “I haven’t got the space for a dishwasher.” A typical household without a dishwasher will fill the sink to wash dishes at least twice per day. A typical sink contains 10litres of water so that’s 20+litres per day. Small dishwashers only use about 7 litres and as such help to conserve the world’s water supplies.

Another benefit to dishwashing is hygiene. Dishwashers go to temperatures beyond what would be possible washing by hand (even with gloves on) which kills more germs and bacteria. So, the moral of this blog is…dishwashers are for everybody and I believe they really can make your life easier, cleaner and happier!

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4 Responses to Dishwashers: to buy or not to buy?

  1. Why S? says:

    I would never try to think of reasons not to buy a dishwasher. Thirty years after leaving my parent’s home I finally have a dishwasher in my own home and I love it. Another benefit is that I can be a little more adventurous in cooking because I’m not afraid to get an extra two or three or four dishes dirty in prepping. With only 2 of us here, I only run my d/w every 3 days or so but I never consider it a waste of space.

    • kitchenkate says:

      Hi, thanks for commenting. That’s true, you don’t have to skimp on plates in the preparation process – another good point for investing in a dishwasher! If you have enough dishes to run a wash every three days that’s great but if it gets a bit whiffy in there you could always use a half load option if you have one. Most new dishwashers have this feature nowadays.

  2. Jon Yingst says:

    Thanks for the post Kate! Dishwasher are a great way to save water and time (both obviously very valuable) this is another good way to save water, money and also get cleaner dishes! Hot water (at least 120 degrees) is crucial to getting good results from your dishwasher, and extending it life span. Have a bucket near your sink and catch the cold water running from your faucet while you are waiting for the hot water to fill the pipes, then start your dishwasher. Next take the bucket of cold water and dump it into your washer. This will give you a jump start on filling the washer and most laundry detergents today work better in cold water anyway.

  3. kitchenkate says:

    Thanks Jon, that’s an interesting way to use a dishwasher, I’ll definitely have to try it some time!

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