How to clean your washing machine

Don’t think that just because you put soap in your washing machine, it’ll clean itself. That is not the case.

Detergents and dirty clothes leave deposits of grime which can clog up your machine, preventing it from working at its best.

So how should you clean your washing


Disease free? Drug free - be clean like a washing machine

Can you be as clean as your washing machine?

  1. Unclog the filter – do this every time you wash a load
  2. Once a fortnight clean out your detergent drawer – use a cloth and toothbrush (not your current toothbrush) to clean out difficult to reach bits, and remove any old soap scum.
  3. Once a month or so freshen up the machine with a hot wash programme – run the washing machine empty on a hot wash to clean the drum and drainage pipes. To prevent lime scale, soap scum build up and mildew and remove odours add some vinegar and lemon juice, or washing-soda crystals.

What else should you look out for?

Twice a year look out for any rips or tears in the hose because these mean leaks. Consider switching your hose for a new one if it is five years old or more.

If your washing machine is very old or beyond repair you should consider investing in a new model. New machines are much more energy efficient than older models and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

The Hotpoint WML520P washing machine for example, is a cost effective quality appliance with a 6kg wash load – perfect for small to medium sized families.

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