Removing stubborn stains

If you’re looking for information about stain removal, I found this very useful guide in a Zanussi laundry manual. It tells you how to get rid of particular types of stain, either inside your washing machine or prior to washing. Very, very useful, if like me you’re a bung it in and turn to 40 type of person!


treat fresh stains with cold water. For dried stains, soak overnight in water with a special detergent then rub in the soap and water.

Oil based paint:

moisten with benzine stain remover, lay the garment on a soft cloth and dab the stain; treat several times.

Dried grease stains:

moisten with turpentine, lay the garment on a soft surface and dab the stain with the fingertips and a cotton cloth.


oxalic acid dissolved in hot water or a rust removing product used cold. Be careful with rust stains which are not recent since the cellulose structure will already have been damaged and the fabric tends to hole.

Mould stains:

treat with bleach, rinse well (whites and fast coloureds only).


soap lightly and treat with bleach (whites and fast coloureds only).

Ball point pen and glue:

moisten with acetone, lay the garment on a soft cloth and dab the stain.


moisten with acetone as above, then treat stains with methylated spirits. Treat any residual marks with bleach.

Red wine:

soak in water and detergent, rinse and treat with acetic or citric acid, then rinse. Treat any residual marks with bleach.


depending on the type of ink, moisten the fabric first with acetone1), then with acetic acid; treat any residual marks on white fabrics with bleach and then rinse thoroughly.

Tar stains:

first treat with stain remover, methylated spirits or benzine, then rub with detergent paste.

Zanussi washing machines, such as the ZWF16070W1 are cost effective appliances with the ability to give an “A” rated wash.

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