I’m not a celebrity, get me a washing machine

Having watched “I’m a Celebrity”(grudgingly with my OH) I can’t help but wonder how we’d cope in a world without appliances. Sometimes I don’t think we realise how easy life is with food fresh from the fridge or freezer, washing cleaned and dried with minimum effort, and an oven and hob to cook on.

As a child I longed to live in “exciting” earlier times, discovering new frontiers, camping out and living from the earth. Now it seriously bothers me if I forget my electric toothbrush. Or visit a hotel without a proper power shower. I just don’t feel clean. If I was in the jungle, having been doused in gunge and forced to eat live insects, I would be dreaming of a boil wash and a microwave meal. Range cookers and induction hobs would be my heaven.

Therefore I have deduced living in the jungle must be difficult, especially for our pampered celebrities, so in a way I applaud them for going in there. (I also think a lot of other things about them but I shall keep my opinions to myself). And so I come to that age old question – if you were stranded on a desert island what would you take with you? You can only pick one thing (and its cheating to take the entire kitchen ).

So I choose my washer condenser dryer and I would be clean and dry throughout my stay. As for the power source, they must have somewhere to plug in the cameras!

So what would you choose as your one addition to your stay in the jungle and why? I’m itching (excuse the creepy crawly pun) to find out.

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One Response to I’m not a celebrity, get me a washing machine

  1. Liam says:

    It’s really bloody hot in the Jungle, so I’d choose a really big Fridge Freezer – and completely fill it will cold drinks and food so I wouldn’t have to eat any insects or anything like that.

    One of those big American Fridge Freezers with ice making machine – nice!

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