All I want for Christmas is… a bigger freezer!

About a week ago my father announced that his friend was ready to butcher the lamb he’d hand reared – and dear old dad was going to get half of it. Now I’m a real fan of Jamie Oliver style, home grown, organic produce so when my dad offered me a shank and some choice cuts I definitely wasn’t going to say no. My problem was where to store it.

My fridge freezer can cope with the weekly shop but a quarter of a sheep is seriously pushing it. In the run up to Christmas many of us are stuck for space as we horde food like there’s no tomorrow. The freezer is packed with chipolatas, prawn rings, enough sprouts to sink the Titanic, and Christmas’s crowning glory – a 20pound turkey!

So how do you get around this problem? Well you could buy your bird fresh but this poses similar space problems in the fridge. So I considered buying a bigger freezer. The ZDA504FW Beko upright freezer for example comes with a massive storage space and its drawers are large enough to facilitate huge quantities of food.

The freezer appliance is useful for outdoor storage like a garage and takes up less floor space that a traditional deep freeze. Its compartments are also easier to organise.

I can but dream.

My freezer idea won’t be possible this year as we don’t have a garage and you can’t swing a cat in my matchbox kitchen. But by next year we hope to have moved and you can bet my first purchase will be a massive upright freezer. Until then, I’d better buy some mint sauce…

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