The world’s biggest capacity, standard sized washing machine

You’ve probably heard some of the ads for LG’s latest washing machine campaign. Their 11kg LGBig machine promises to wash a mountain of laundry in just a single cycle.

If you estimate that every 1kg is the equivalent of five man’s shirts that’s 55 shirts. Wowza! And it’ll also quite comfortably fit a king sized duvet!

So, we’re all in agreement the machine can take an extraordinary capacity of washing. But what I wanted to know was what is the point in such a large machine? Surely you have to separate your whites from your coloureds anyway. And I don’t know any family that can get through 55 adult-sized white items and 55 coloured items before the weekly wash.

Well, while you can’t mix colours, the LG machine will allow you to mix different types of fabric and wash them together. LG says: “The mix of tumbling and swing motions allows more than one fabric type to be washed at once without risk to the clothes.”

I found myself wondering what other tricks this machine can perform and I was rather impressed with the baby care option which ensures dirt from baby clothes (proteins like milk in particular) and detergent residues are removed.

However I was concerned about the amount of energy wasted on half loads in an 11kg drum, if I couldn’t find 55 white shirts with which to fill the machine. Fortunately the LGBig has a load detection function which senses the amount of water needed and selects the optimum washing and rinsing times.

So, the LGBig comes up trumps. You don’t have to amass carefully colour-separated laundry mountains every week but just in case you ever need to wash 55 white items at once – you can. It’s nice to have the option I suppose – and it’s a great feature for the once yearly post holiday wash.

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