I’ve never seen snow like it!

Like many of you I woke up this morning to find the world was once again under a blanket of snow. It was 6am, and the snow was untouched and utterly pristine, it looked absolutely beautiful.

I find that this is always my first reaction to snow – a childlike awe and absolute need to go outside and role in it. However this morning I put on my adult hat and went outside to help the one brave bloke attempting to get out of the car park (actually I sent my OH out to do it lol).

After 20minutes the bloke in the car park managed to get about 2 yards from his space, then after much slipping and sliding he gave it up as a bad job, phoned work and tried to drive back into his space. This turned out to be all but impossible for him and he and my OH spent the next 45mins pushing the car back into place.

I’ve never seen snow like it!

However, the reason I’ve written this blog is to sing the praises of community spirit in times of need. At 7.30am most of the residents of my estate were outside, helping each other dig out cars, push the woman in the 4×4 back into her space (if she couldn’t get anywhere there was no chance for my Corsa), rescue next door’s rabbits from their igloo-hutch and best of all – remove the fallen tree from the car in the corner space. There was so much snow it pulled the tree down!! Bizarre!!

But all of this work was done in high spirits, with lots of laughter (the car and the bunnies were fine). And we’ve met most of our neighbours who’ve invited us to join their snowman competition. What fun!

Days like today really help turn places into communities and neighbours into friends. And secretly, even despite its inconveniences, you know we all love snow!

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