Where have all the milk bottles gone?

A few weeks ago a bloke came knocking on my door asking me to support the local milk man.

“We don’t just do milk anymore, love, we do bread and juices and potatoes,” he said.

I’m inclined to support local businesses and the thought of bottles of fresh milk and juice delivered to my doorstep every week meant I jumped at the chance. Starting off slow I ordered a bottle of milk and an apple juice for the following Monday.

That Monday morning I got out of bed and raced to the front door (yes…slight exaggeration) and on the doorstep was a very uninspiring plastic carton of milk standing next to a carton of apple juice, which stated very clearly “made from concentrate”.

What happened to glass bottles with foil tops? Does anyone get them anymore or have they become obsolete?
I was incredibly disappointed with the haul and it would have been easier and cheaper for me to pick up the drinks with the Big Shop! I’m all for supporting local businesses and this is sad but I feel they have to offer something beyond the supermarket norm if they want to be successful.

I would cancel my order but the lovely old gent who came to collect my cash was super nice, and super-friendly. And I couldn’t put him out of business, could I?

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