My first thoughts on the Quinny

It’s review time, I’ve taken the Quinny Zapp Xtra on a few short journeys and thought I’d let you know my preliminary musings:
Good points…
1. It’s absolutely fabulous that Elizabeth can face me. That way, when she throws up down her front I notice first and people don’t think “What a terrible mother pushing her vomit covered child around in that oblivious way!”
2. When Lilybet falls to sleep it’s just a push of a button to lie her flat, so she is undisturbed. The Graco Mirage I have is a pain in the neck in this respect as it has two clips which are difficult to undo and make the seat flop back with a thud which wakes the baby.
3. It is so very light and easy to push!


Not so good points…
1. I can’t hang my changing bag on the handle bars. The bag slips down the handles and the pram is so light it is easily toppled (although not when you’ve got a 17 pound baby in the seat!)
2. It is not easily pushed up large steps or curbs – especially the huge (and quite frankly ridiculous) step at our local post office. I have solved this problem however, by asking big, strong passers by to help me. Thank you to the gallant post man who helped me get through the post office door to send my parcels this morning -my eBay feedback depended on it!
That’s all the opinion I have for now, but I am sure I’ll have more. Watch this space…

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