Grrrr…dog poo

Today I went on a lovely walk. It was a beautiful day weatherwise and so I took a scenic route down the canal in Worsley. Elizabeth and I had a lovely time (she slept the whole time), but unfortunately our outing was marred by…dumm,dummm,dummmmmm…dog poo!!!

Not just any dog poo, but the biggest, smelliest, most revolting dog poo you have ever witnessed. And it was all over my brand new pram, grr.

This is the second time it has happened to me in a fortnight – the first I had to throw away my shoes they were that saturated – so I am particularly annoyed that it’s happened again.

Anyway, I’d like to say to any dog owners who pick up and bag their dog’s mess, thank you so very much, I do appreciate it. And if you don’t – you are very, very mean people with no consideration for anybody else – I hope you get fined. Your cash should go towards buying me a new pair of shoes. 

On a brighter note, in my official capacity as a QuinnyCaster, I can definitely testify that the Quinny Zapp Xtra pram withstands dog poo and was relatively easy to clean with a bowl of water and fair amount of scrubbing. I, however, feel as though I will never be clean again. Yuck, yuck yuck!

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