A good turn every day

While I’m off on maternity leave I thought I’d try to get out of the house and do something useful so I signed up to help at our local Brownie pack.

I went along for the first time on Wednesday and have to admit I was a bit nervous having never really worked with that age group before. But I had a great time and I hope the Brownies did too – despite the attempt to make them sing Kum-bay-ah (has anybody ever liked that song).

Brown Owl sent me off to play some games armed with a piece of the best advice ever: “You’re going to have to shout.” And shout I did. Just to be heard. I didn’t know how loud seven year olds could be!

So before I throw myself to the lions again next week does anyone have any other tips on working with 7-10 year olds or any games they enjoyed when they were a Brownie or a Guide which I could try out?

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One Response to A good turn every day

  1. Jennie says:

    Are you still involved with Brownies? I loved Brownies and Guides when I was young. I love working with kids and am a primary school teacher when not a full time Mummy x

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