An ocean of holiday memories from Brittany Ferries

Stepping aboard a Brittany Ferry is synonymous with the start of the Summer holidays. As a child, every year we travelled on the ferries to holiday in France in my parents’ campervan. I remember, back in the day, when my little brother insisted on clutching his copy of the Titanic fact book as he explored the ship. Passengers cringed as they passed him by!

This year I was the parent taking my daughter, Lizzie, across the channel for the first time.

The beauty of taking a one year old on a ferry as opposed to a plane is the freedom you’re granted. Sitting still for 3 hours plus is not an option for Lizzie so she was thrilled to be able to run around the ship under the watchful eye of mum and dad.

It was hilarious watching her get her sea legs as she’s only been walking for a months so the bobbing of the boat was interesting for her to handle.

On the outbound journey we decided a cabin was unnecessary so we spent a great deal of time in the kids play area. Brittany Ferries provide a soft play facility, drawing pencils and paper, and play children’s TV which entertained Lizzie for a good while and allowed us to have a cup of of tea in peace.

The Mont St Michel ferry we were booked on were booked on variety of things to do to keep you entertained, including a cafe, self service restaurant and “posh” restaurant. There are 2 shops and also a bar where Bluey the Clown made balloon animals.

We ate in the self service restaurant on both the outbound and return journey and I can honestley say I had the most heavenly Shepherd’s pie I’ve ever tasted. And the chocolate cake comes in the size of a brick. One slice fed all three of us and only cost £2.65. Amazing.

So did our trips on the Mont St Michel live up to my childhood memories? Undoubtedly, yes. And as we docked in at British shores I was already planning next year’s hols!

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2 Responses to An ocean of holiday memories from Brittany Ferries

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you found Brittany good value for money! Maybe once you are on board but by then they have already got your money for the journey. Have a look here for a list of ferries to france

  2. Definitely, what a fantastic site and instructive posts, I surely will bookmark your blog.All the Best!

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