Aldi versus the world – first up Skips v Aldi Melts

It may be the fact that I have a toddler that eats like a Great Dane, or it could be the insatiable rise in the cost of well, absolutely everything, but whatever the reason, last week’s shopping bill from one of the major supermarkets (naming no names but it sounds like sounds a little like Borrisons) came to a whopping £95.07.

That’s £95.07 for a weekly shop that feeds two adults and a small child. And we’re not talking top of the range or fancy convenience foods. We’re looking at bog-standard veg, meat, fruit, bread, cheese, tinned tomatoes, packed-lunchy foods, and a couple of boxes of child-friendly, not-too-unhealthy fish finger type frozen products.

So we’ve gone on an economy drive.

Yesterday we did the weekly shop at Aldi and spent a very reasonable £35. Yes we skimped a little but still came away with standard veg, meat, fruit, bread, cheese, packed-lunchy foods, and tinned tomatoes. We didn’t need any fish finger type frozen products. But still – the savings were obvious.

So, over the next few days, inspired by Aldi’s own ad campaign (you know – the one where they talk about how people like their products as much as branded ones) I’m going to taste the difference and tell you all about my findings… what’s bargain-tastic – and what leaves you reaching for the mouthwash!

Aldi Melts versus Skips

Aldi Melts versus Skips

First for the tasting are Aldi prawn cocktail flavour melts which resemble the ever popular corn-based crispy treats – Skips.

Aldi’s melts look like Skips, smell like Skips, and even feel like Skips – and so does the yellow and pink bag, to the untrained eye. And their taste? Well its a lot like Skips – but maybe a little bit sweeter. They still melt in the mouth, and offer a taste an intriguing taste which is as unlike like prawn cocktail as their higher-brow counterparts. But truth be told I couldn’t really tell the difference.

So, starting with a success – I would certainly buy Aldi’s melts again. And cost-wise they’re much more budget-friendly. At £1 for a multipack of 10 bags, they’re half the price of Skips (£1.99 for 10).

Watch this space for more ever so exciting cheapy food reviews…

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4 Responses to Aldi versus the world – first up Skips v Aldi Melts

  1. Elizabeth Crabtree says:

    I had some Aldi Melts for my lunch too and they were yummy. I.hope my mummy and daddy shop there more often and then use the savings to buy themselves treats they deserve.

  2. kitchenkate says:

    Hello Lizzie – I thought you were supposed to be recovering from conjunctivitis? I sense a Daddy Crabtree behind this comment! But yes, mummy and daddy will be shopping there much more frequently if the rest of the shopping lives up to the test.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Hi, I shop at Aldi, often buy their Melts and Hoops (their version of Hula hoops!) last time we bought them there was a packet of SKIPS in the bag with all the other packets of Melts! I guess they must all be made in the same factory and one packet went down the wrong packaging belt. I wonder how many of their other products are made by the bigger brands!

    • kitchenkate says:

      Haha – like a bonus prize?

      I reckon quite a lot of their own brands are made in the same factories as bigger brands. I think their yoghurts are made by Yeo Valley.

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