A review of Aldi fruit and fake Wotsits


Today we’ll be looking at – and eating – Aldi fruit. Again, this is heck of a lot cheaper than most of the supermarkets (50p for a bag of apples I believe), but what does it taste like?

Well, the grapes were perfectly juicy – came in a little tub of half red and half green – and were fresh and tasty. Much like you would expect grapes to be.

The bananas are small but again, perfectly good quality.

I was a tad dubious about the apples (or bapples as Lizzie calls them). Some of them had big gouges dug out of them, so it took a bit of rummaging to find the best bag. Thinking about it, this rummaging may have been what caused the gouges… But the bapples were absolutely fine!

And then there’s the clementines – some of the segments of the one I sampled were a little shrivelled but again it tasted good.

And as for the cheesy baked snacks – they taste exactly the same as Wotsits. And, at £1 for a pack of 10, are half the price!

I really am feeling quite favourable towards Aldi at the moment. As my dear husband pointed out – if we can save £60 every week on shopping we’ll be rolling in it. Rolling in money that is… not rolling in Aldi.

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4 Responses to A review of Aldi fruit and fake Wotsits

  1. Aldi is great, I especially love their version of kinder buenos I think they’re called spirals or something.


    • kitchenkate says:

      I think I know the ones you mean – they do some amazing chocolates at Aldi. I bought a huge bar of white chocolate – was going to review it but accidentally ate it before I could take a picture. I can’t confirm which one it was but it was really good haha.

  2. Elizabeth Crabtree says:

    But i like rolling in Aldi

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