What’s that hiding in my Aldi fake Quavers?

While the food I have tasted as part of my Aldi taste experiment has been overwhelmingly good – I was less than impressed by their Quaver-style crisps. Not just because the taste was incredibly salty but because we also found a stowaway which looks remarkably like a French Fry type of crispy treat. See the evidence below…


But neither the taste nor the combination of different crisps in a single bag was enough to deter Lizzie in her mission to devour everything in her path, including Bockwurst and rolls – also from Aldi – which were truly scrumptious.

Lizzie eats everything

Ah well… I guess when you shop cheaply you have to let the bad in with the good. At least I know not to buy these not-so-cheesy, far-to-salty Quaver lookalikes next time.

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