Five exciting things to do with a toddler over the Easter weekend

1. Surprise a family member.
On Thursday evening on a whim, we decided to embark on the long drive to Dorset to see Grandad. After a 4am getup, we drove the length of the country, having conspired with brother-in-law, Pete, to meet Grandad as he descended from a hot air balloon ride we’d contributed to for his birthday. Ben and I hid and sent Lizzie out alone to meet him as he walked back to his car. The look on his face as he realised his 2 year old granddaughter had come to meet him – seemingly alone – was priceless!

2. Go to a park.
There is nothing quite so hilarious as watching 5 adults and a toddler attempt perfect balance on a seesaw. Side splitting good fun and totally free.

3. Visit a zoo.
Yesterday we witnessed the delights of Tropiquaria – monkeys, birds, reptiles, and endless indoor and outdoor play facilities. And the chance to handle snakes, lizards and a skunk. Lizzie showed us all up with her “no fear“ attitude to a boa constrictor – literally grabbing it with gusto as Uncle Dave subtly disappeared behind a shrub. image

4. Horse around in a field.
Completely free, this activity works best if you have a group of adults willing to look completely ridiculous in public. Lizzie was entertained for a good half hour by some fantastically flamboyant peacock impressions, and Grandad’s famous twizzies.

5. Egg hunt!
Get some chocolate eggs and place them around the room. Watch in amazement as your toddler a. sniffs them out with no trouble whatsoever or b. ignores them completely, leaving you to find them all yourself, later on in the day… or year.

Whatever you get up to this Easter, have a great day and don’t eat too much chocolate! 🙂

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4 Responses to Five exciting things to do with a toddler over the Easter weekend

  1. Lynne says:

    And here was I, feeling sorry for you thinking you were ill over Easter. In fact you have been gallivanting around the countryside having a fab time!

  2. Sleeping Mom says:

    Aw, what an awesome surprise!

    • kitchenkate says:

      Thanks, it was really exciting! It brought tears to Grandad’s eyes. It must be hard living so far away from family. I’m lucky as my parents are only 20mins away x

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