Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals – cheat’s pizza

Today I set myself a challenge – to cook one of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals within his specified half hour time frame. I chose the cheat’s pizza option and I’m proud to say that not only did I manage it in 37 minutes – close enough 🙂 – but that it actually tasted good! Although in the book Mr Oliver somehow manages to fit a marscapone dessert in as well. But that, I suppose, is why he’s a pro with his own TV series.

So, as a mere mortal with a love of food, I’ll take the glory of three edible salads and a pizza from scratch like he’d accept a Michelin star.

As a side note, I’d like to thank Jamie for introducing me to the delights of red, white and balsamic vinegar. Not to mention countless lugs of extra virgin olive oil. These ingredients truly do transform a boring salad into a slightly less boring salad.

However, I’m less appreciative of the state of my beautiful kitchen, which has never witnessed such chaos, as in this fraught attempt to beat the clock. But I guess mess is all part of the parcel of cooking. Especially when you’re cooking at speed, flinging basil and black pepper about with gay abandon.

Please see the kitchen carnage below…


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2 Responses to Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals – cheat’s pizza

  1. Ben Crabtree says:

    The pizza was delicious. Thankyou for cooking it for me.

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