Jamie’s (slightly more than) 30 minute meals – satay chicken

Yesterday I cooked another delicious recipe from Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals – the chicken satay with fiery noodle salad. While it really did taste good, it took me a little longer than half an hour to get it on the table. Actually it was more than twice that. And once again, I didn’t manage to fit in the dessert.

But part of this was because I couldn’t get the blimmin’ lid off the soy sauce – eventually having to break to lid off with my teeth – thank you ASDA. And then there was a slight incident as I couldn’t find the metal spike which goes in the centre of the food processor. I did try without, but apparently this is an intrinsic piece, without which there is no spinning. And no chopping. So, I can probably take about 15 minutes off my total time.

All in all it was a good experience and I felt incredibly pleased with myself as I dished it out. Even not-quite-two-year-old Lizzie was up for trying it and wolfed down a whole bowl of noodles (without the cashew nuts and chillies) and half a portion of satay chicken – which was actually quite spicy. But this may have been because she was ravenous as it was gone 6 o’clock by the time we sat down (we had to appease her with a Peppa Pig DVD and some grapes or she would’ve been gnawing at the kitchen cabinets).

We ate all slap-dash with our hands – Jamie style – something which Lizzie caught on to very quickly. And I was really impressed by the flavours. Especially the cashews in the fiery noodle salad which were sweet and toasted.



But once again, after I’d cooked it looked as though a small but very effective bomb had gone off. And I would like to ask Mr Oliver how on Earth he manages to cook such complex dishes, in just a seemlingly slapdash way, and yet still have a show-kitchen???

Is there an edited out team of borrower-sized clearer uppers who rush in to wipe the sides down after every splash? If so, where can I employ such a team?

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2 Responses to Jamie’s (slightly more than) 30 minute meals – satay chicken

  1. I’ve cooked one of his 30 minute recipes before….and had to lie down afterwards!!

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